How to Bet on Rugby Rugby Betting Guide & Betting Strategies

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For example, if the Moneyline odds are -200 England and +170 France, England is favored to win by more than 1 point or, in other words, not lose the game. If the total score bet were “Under 37,” then you would wager that both England and France won’t combine for 37 points or less. The first step you need to start with is to find a reputable sportsbook that offers to bet on rugby. Once you have found a good sportsbook recommended by the Gambling King, you need to create an account and deposit. As you can see from the above examples, not all prop bets are the same.

Sometimes a team always appears to have an edge over another one and this can be accounted for by psychology, opposing tactics, etc. The six nations is a great example of where one team playing at home almost never loses while away is a much different story. Rugby tournaments and leagues are of course made up of several matches. These matches are between two sides where there can only be one winner. Draws do occur but they’re not as common as they are in some other sports.

At BetOnline, newbies can earn as much as $1000 in free play off their first deposit (which is matched at 50 percent to be exact). This money is credited to players’ accounts off the bat — before they even make a bet. Not a bad way to “juice” your bankroll without taking unnecessary risk on your side. As we’ve pointed out, rugby is played all over the world — and with that, in wildly different time zones. Cause of that, chances are you’ll be in different environments when games are being played.

Each state has its own regulatory body and oversees all operators within its region to make sure they provide safe & fair betting services. All the sportsbooks recommended here are licensed and regulated in the US. However, the licensing requirements vary from state to state, so always check your state laws before joining a betting site. Nevertheless, each sportsbook is trustworthy and uses encryption technology to protect rugby fans and their personal details. Like rugby union, rugby league also has a World Cup every four years. Above everything else, remember to exercise proper bankroll management and bet moderately.

That is, teams try to score “trys” and get the most points over their opponents. However, the Rugby League games are known to run at a faster pace than the Rugby Union games. A “try” is when the ball is grounded in a marked section on the opposite side of the pitch from one’s own. Recent performance is perhaps the best predictor of how a team will play next. So in this sense, having a recency bias is sort of good when handicapping rugby. Let’s illustrate spreads using the same Storm vs. Roosters example from above. This means for them to "cover", they must win the game by seven points or more.

In such a case, you will win the bet only if the Crusaders come up on top at the end and take the Super Rugby trophy. This betting market should not be confused with Match Winner, which involves backing a team to win a particular rugby match. In this case, you only receive a payout if your chosen team wins the tournament. After the result of your bet has been 100% determined, the sportsbook will settle your wager, and if you win, they will credit your account with your stake + winnings. Bets are usually settled within 1 hour of the rugby game finishing. You don’t need to be a tech whizz to use any of the top rugby betting sites. They all have mobile-optimized sites with excellent navigation and modern, sleek themes.

First-time bettors have their pick at one, but each differs in free play, cashback, and the playthrough requirement before the bonus is withdrawable. Most major leagues and tournaments pertaining to the sport will be available for wagering at this bookie. Handicap rugby betting is a difficult market to master based on the high-scoring nature of the game.

  • It is important to check your preferred sportsbook for rugby betting lines if you are looking for specific lines.
  • Rugby is a thrilling sport that offers a wide range of betting opportunities.
  • For instance, if a team is favored by 10 points but only wins by 5 points or less, this would be an upset victory.
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  • All the latest news on legal gambling in the regulated US states.

Well, first, you need to check if the site offers a generous welcome bonus. Then you must check if the bookie puts forward the rugby betting odds early. Such sites are trustworthy and prove their reliability than those that update odds minutes before the game starts. Even though rugby betting websites are popping up everywhere, not all of them are created equal or worth your time.

How To Place a Bet on Rugby

For example, a + sign will indicate that a team can lose within this margin. Meaning that if they lose within the margin of points that follow the + sign, this will result in a winning bet. Meaning that the team would have to win by more than the points that follow the – sign in order to win your bet. The first World Cup Sevens tournament was held in 1993 in Scotland and has since grown in popularity. Due to there only being seven players on each side, the game is significantly more attacking than the traditional game of rugby and rewards more athletic runners. New Zealand in recent history has dominated this event with both the men and women being the holders of the tournament. Before you place single rugby bet you need to be aware of the competition you are betting on.

Rugby Betting Explained

Rugby betting odds are easy to read, as they don’t offer anything different than what bettors have already seen for other sports betting markets. We’ll go into detail about specific betting lines below and provide all rugby betting lines clearly explained. One thing to note is that if you’re looking for specific rugby betting lines, be sure to check they’re available at your preferred sportsbook before depositing. Furthermore, you will receive a generous rugby betting bonus when you join any of our featured sportsbooks. You can also join multiple sportsbooks to test which one matches your gambling style the best and shop around for the most competitive odds.

What Is Rugby?

These markets allow you to place bets while the game is in progress, reacting to the evolving circumstances. Pay close attention to the flow of the game, momentum shifts, and any tactical changes to capitalize on favorable odds. Handicap betting is a popular option in rugby, especially when there is a clear favorite and underdog. By assigning a positive or negative handicap to each team, bookmakers level the playing field and create more balanced odds. This form of betting can provide attractive opportunities when the underdog is given a significant handicap advantage. Just like the moneyline in your favorite American sports wagers, there is an outright result bet for every rugby game.

How We Selected Our Bookmakers for Rugby Betting

So, if you’re in search of a low-risk way to make some money, picking the favorites may be the way to go. Another strategy you can use when betting Bacanaplay Casino on rugby is to pick the favorites. This may seem like a less risky option, but it can still be profitable if you do your research and bet wisely.

HSBC started the IRB World Sevens Series to promote Rugby Sevens and propel the form of rugby to international status. In 2014, the name changed to HSBC due to sponsorship reasons and has gained traction ever since. Lucius Boehm, our sports expert at Betkiwi, is a University of Auckland graduate with a degree in Sport, Health and Physical Education. He’s honed his expertise over 10 years in the gambling industry, earning a reputation as one of New Zealand’s top sports gambling specialists. Lucius enjoys analyzing sports trends and playing rugby in his spare time. To place a successful rugby wager, you must first become familiar with the competition you will be betting on.

Rugby Betting Tips And Strategies

For bettors with limited bankrolls, they’ll likely be squeezed for cash given the sheer amount of options to wager on. BetOnline certainly has ample opportunities to accumulate free play. Online casino games, including poker, are legal in six states, while you can buy lottery tickets for games such as Mega Millions in over 45 states. You can view the map below to find out where online rugby betting is legal in the US or check out our recommended list of best rugby betting sites.

Remember that there may be some differences between the odds offered at a physical casino and an online casino. Rugby is a physically demanding sport that is played with an oval-shaped ball. Handicap betting rugby is another format that can make odds more interesting in terms of potential returns when looking at the markets. Compared to football, which is immensely popular and straightforward, betting on rugby can pose unique challenges, especially for those who don’t know a great deal about the game. This is where we come in, providing educated advice that can help you stay ahead of the curve.

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